C++ Stockholm 0x02

Posted on Mon 20 February 2017 in News

I had the chance to participate last week in a C++ meetup. This Stockholm meetup group is fairly recent but has a lot of potential! I am always enjoying my time during these sessions, surrounded by the smart and passionated people. In the unlikely chance that you are living around Stockholm, or decided to visit the capital of Scandinavia (and start missing your keyboard), I would highly recommend you to join this group.

For the second edition of our conference C++ Stockholm 0x02, I volunteered for talk about a subject I already adressed in the blog: SFINAE and compile-time introspection. Overall, it was a good exercise for a first talk but I definitely need more training :). I discovered that it is much harder than I expected to explain code in live. Thanks to the meetup team, I have a video of this talk with a very nice editing job done on it. It is always a weird experience to watch yourself on a video and was not so keen to put it here in the first place. But since this video has already leaked among my friends (or foes in that case) and colleagues, I guess I might place it for the posterity! So, here it is:

You can find a pdf version of the slides right here.