Why starting this blog?

Posted on Sat 17 October 2015 in News

Whilst I never had an urge to daily browse the various social networks, I have always liked to read technical articles and to follow few blogs. I wanted, since few years, to write my thoughts somewhere in order to clarify them and be able to easily fetch them later on. I procrastinated the idea of running a tech blog for few years, my aversion for the over-engineered web technologies and a lack of motivation restrained me. However, I have more spare time these days and I stumbled upon a simple and elegant Python static blog generator called Pelican. With Pelican I don't have to pull a thousand of npm packages for a sanatizing function neither to use the latest language for hipsters with an eccentric syntax. Static pages also greatly simplify the maintenance and decrease the security burdens of dynamic websites.

If this blog is mostly for my own purpose, I also hope that I could get an external opinion on my posts, my methods or even my skills in the beautiful English language.